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Chakra Set Frosted Singing Bowl 7 size 6''-12'', 7''-13'', 8''-14''

Chakra Set Frosted Singing Bowl 7 size 6''-12'', 7''-13'', 8''-14''

Music Healing丨The art of life

the musical energy and musical language have a direct impact on the nervous system, digestive system, blood circulatory system and internal organs, and at the same time act on thinking, affect psychological and emotional changes, and achieve the effect of fitness and healing.

Singing Bowl is one of the very good natural remedies in the world today.

Bowl is one of the best natural remedies in the world today. As a popular natural homeopathy in the world today, this gentle and in-depth sound healing method can quickly relax, relieve and heal people, and enter a state of tranquility, stability, joy, and unity of body and mind.The biggest function

Planetary Bowl Sound Healing | Deep Hypnosis Meditation Relaxation Whole Body Deep Massage

Bowls have been widely used in beauty spas and massage health centers. Many therapists use copper bowls on their bodies and find that a 5-minute copper bowl massage is far more effective than a half-hour bare-hand massage.

Singing Bowl -----everything vibrates

everything vibratesSinging bowl healing music concerts, especially the purification grade singing bowl concerts that are never absent on the day of each new moon and full moon. There will also be musicians from all over the world, who will cooperate in the healing concert to complete a perfect mixed

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