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Singing bowls Sound Therapy
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Singing bowls Sound Therapy

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Singing bowls Sound Therapy

Singing bowls can be connected to the primary channel of sound within us. Sound is a source of energy that unifies all things. When Pangu opened up the world, the sound of the universe began - Nada Brahma. It is this original sound that opened the life of all things, only the sound of vibrations healed by the singing bowl can touch and penetrate into your body as small as The unit cell of molecules and atoms. This is a very unique sound, it has a strong healing sound, it can penetrate the human skin and enter every cell in the body, thereby affecting people's physical health and healing their hearts. The sound of the singing bowl will carry the thoughts of the singing bowl master to guide people into a deep, healing and healing state of theta brain wave. And this kind of physiotherapy effect on the body, mind and body can last for a long time in the human body. This unique healing effect is not available in any kind of healing, and it is also one of the reasons why singing bowl healing in natural remedies is widely popular in large hospitals and major disease departments around the world.


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