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Clear Crystal Tuning Fork
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Clear Crystal Tuning Fork

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Clear Crystal Tuning Fork

Our Crystal tuning forks are manufactured from 99.99% pure quartz crystal, and are the finest, pristine, crystal singing tuning forks. The crushed quartz is heated to at least 1800 degrees in the manufacturing. Then, they are tested to determine the musical note. Although the larger forks have a deeper, lower octave, tone, it is not the size that determines the 'note' of the forks. The forks  are associated with the musical scale, starting with C, then D, E, F, G, A and B. These notes are in turn associated with the Seven Chakras of the Human System.

Application of Crystal tuning forks

1.Jewelry growth

2.Chakra healing

3.Adjusting our emotional state




7.Sound therapy

8.Improving home Fengshui

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